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EFPTA webinar 19 February: mental health and the role of psychology teachers

Join us for EFPTA's latest webinar - Mental health at school: what is the role of psychology teachers?

Do you teach mental health topics in psychology courses or perhaps as an element in other courses, such as personal development, health, citizenship, etc?

The global covid-19 pandemic since early 2020 has led to an increase in mental health problems especially among young people. EFPTA and the EFPA Board of Educational Affairs are investigating the status of mental health education in secondary school curricula in Europe and the role of psychology teachers in supporting the mental health of students. This webinar will be a great opportunity to find out what's going on in mental health projects in schools, and discuss the issue with teachers from various countries.

Date & time: Saturday 19 February 2022, 10.00-12.00 (CET)

Online. Free. 

No registration required - see the flyer for further info plus the Zoom link.  


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Webinar flyer /poster

New survey of psychology teachers – take part!

Psychology teachers - you are invited to take part in a new survey on psychology as a school subject in Europe.

At Stockholm University a research project is underway with a focus on psychology as a school subject in various countries / nations in Europe. How teachers of psychology experience the subject is the main focus of the project. All who teach or have taught psychology are welcome to contribute their experiences.

The survey also includes questions about how the subject content can be seen in a larger perspective, for example in relation to various key competencies or skills. This is an in-depth questionnaire about your experiences as a psychology teacher, and it will take about 20-30 minutes to complete. It is in English (also available in Swedish), but on all open-ended questions you can answer in a language of your choice.

Your participation is very much appreciated and will make an important contribution to our knowledge of psychology as a school subject and its development.

Click here to answer the questionnaire. 


Participation is of course completely voluntary, but we hope that you choose to take part! The project is in collaboration with the European Federation of Psychology Teachers' Associations (EFPTA) and the questionnaire is being answered by psychology teachers in different countries in Europe. The information collected will be handled confidentially and in accordance with ethical research practice in line with The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity. If you have any questions, you will find contact details at the start of the questionnaire.

Thank you very much! 

Dr Ebba Christina Blåvarg
Department of Education, Stockholm University

EFPTA 2021 Conference took place online 15-17 April

Thanks go to everyone who took part in the EFPTA 2021 online conference and made it such a success!


Our 2021 Conference was fully online. It was originally planned for 2020, in Bratislava, but was postponed to 2021 and we moved it online because of the pandemic (but one day we hope to meet in Bratislava in person!) 

Some presentations will be available here soon. 


Read the President's Report of the Conference.  

The full Programme is still available here

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EFPTA 15-17 April 2021 poster

EFPTA 2021 Full Programme

President's Report of EFPTA 2021 Conference

EFPTA /EFPA research report now published in PLAT journal!

Teachers of psychology - and indeed most teachers across subjects and levels - have been obliged to adopt online teaching methods during much of 2020-21, because of widespread school closures in many countries due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This has involved very unusual and profound changes in the way we work, and psychology teachers' experiences of adapting to virtual teaching and learning processes have been studied collaboratively by EFPTA and the EFPA Board of Educational Affairs.

This important research, led by Lenka Sokolová, has now been published in the peer-reviewed journal Psychology Learning and Teaching (PLAT), under the title "Distance Teaching of Psychology in Europe: Challenges, Lessons Learned, and Practice Examples During the First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic". You will find it here

The research findings have also been disseminated in other ways: at a webinar in June 2020, entitled "Psychology Education and Psychology of Education in Post-COVID-19 times", Lenka Sokolová (EFPTA) and Ioulia Papageorgi (EFPA BEA) presented the interim findings. See their presentation at the link below, and the full webinar recording is here

In addition, the research was reported in ATP Today (September 2020), the magazine of the Association for the Teaching of Psychology (UK) - find it here.  It is also featured on the website of the European Society for Psychology Learning and Teaching (ESPLAT) 

With its six authors from EFPA BEA and EFPTA, this project is an excellent example of psychologists and psychology teachers across Europe collaborating to produce research findings of great value to the development of psychology education. 

An infographic poster is also available - please download and display it! See link below. 


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Online teaching of psychology during the COVID-19 pandemic - webinar presentation

Teaching psychology during covid-19 - infographic poster

Collaborate! webinar presentation

In the EFPTA webinar on 6 March, Anne Riekkinen (Finland) took us on a fascinating journey through recent projects with collaborative partners in various countries. She presented both her own experiences and those of her Finnish colleagues Teija Jokinen-Luopa and Helena Haranen, in projects mostly facilitated by the EU programme Erasmus+. Anne left us in no doubt as to the value of such experiences, and the Erasmus+ programme itself, for her professional practice, a sentiment strongly echoed by the event participants. Take a look at Anne's presentation, and be inspired!    

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Collaborative projects presentation 06-03-21

Meet EFPTA! webinar took place on 6 March 2021

Thank you, everyone who took part in our first webinar!

Psychology teachers attended from many European countries! We heard presentations from practising psychology teachers about collaborative projects amongst students and teachers across different member countries, and about experiences of teaching psychology in "the new normal" of covid-19. Some of the presentations will be posted here soon.   

If you missed this event, don't worry, our EFPTA 2021 Conference is on 15-17 April - why not book your place now?

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Meet EFPTA! webinar poster / flyer

Erasmus: two teachers' experiences of a Finnish-UK collaboration

Anne Riekkinen of Finland and Barbra Georgellis of England joined forces in a collaborative project supported by the EU Erasmus programme. They visited each other's schools and met their students, learning different classroom approaches in teaching psychology, which they have now put into practice in their own teaching. Read all about it in their article!  



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Article: Erasmus - a Finnish-UK experience

EFPTA Newsletter 2020 is published!

You'll find a great mixture of articles, news and reports of events of interest to psychology teachers. Thanks to all contributors - who are psychology teachers and researchers from across Europe - and thanks to new Editor, Jock McGinty (England / Wales representative), taking over from Jackie Moody (Luxembourg). Enjoy!

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EFPTA Newsletter 2020

Forthcoming EFPTA Board meetings 2021-22

Saturday 11 September 2021: online 

Friday 26 - Saturday 27 November 2021: in person or online or hybrid (to be confirmed). If in person or hybrid, the meeting will be hosted in Bratislava by the Slovakian association.

Friday 25 - Saturday 26 March 2022: in person or online or hybrid (to be confirmed). If in person or hybrid, the meeting will be hosted in Odense by the Danish association.

These meetings are attended by Board members (see 'Executive Board' page). It is possible for guests / observers to attend: if for example you are a member of an EFPTA member association, or a psychology teacher in a country without an association, please contact the Secretary if you would like to attend a Board meeting.   


EFPTA information flyer for printing

Here is the EFPTA information flyer! Its aim is to help raise awareness of EFPTA and psychology education in schools, amongst those involved in teaching and studying psychology in all countries in Europe. It is intended for dissemination in 'hard copy', so please download and print it so that copies are distributed as widely as possible, amongst colleagues, at events, etc. It is designed to be printed as one double-sided A4 sheet, and then folded in three.

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EFPTA information flyer 2020-21