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The Netherlands

Teaching of psychology in The Netherlands

Psychologie in het Onderwijs / Psychology in Education 

Despite the fact that education is already becoming more diverse, psychology is still missing from the school curriculum in the Netherlands. With the project Psychology in Education we are developing a change. We provide modules, workshops and training sessions at secondary schools and vocational schools to increase the mental well-being and awareness of students and teachers. In an accessible and personal way, Psychology in Education makes students aware of their own behaviour and beliefs, and their influence on themselves and their environment. In addition, awareness is created about the influence that the environment has on their behaviour and beliefs. In this way students learn to walk their own path with confidence and with compassion for themselves and others, without hindering themselves. 

Elective modules

Through elective modules in psychology, we aim to give students the opportunity to access basic psychology knowledge. 
The goal: greater awareness of thoughts, feelings and behaviour, so that students become more critical and kind, both towards themselves and towards others. If you understand what influences someone's behaviour, you can better understand both others and yourself. This allows you to make more authentic choices and look at yourself and the people around you with more gentleness.

1. Social psychology module

After taking this module:
- Students are aware of common thinking errors, leading them to question their beliefs
- Understand how prejudice and group behaviour arise and how to guard against them
- Students understand how our environment affects our behaviour and identity
- Have more compassion for themselves and others!

2. Positive psychology module

After taking this module:
- Students know what factors influence your happiness
- Students understand that setbacks are part of life
- Students know that thoughts are not truths and how to influence them
- Students have the tools to apply the insights to their own lives.


We want to give students (and teachers) tools on the mental level, so that they can get through this time in the best possible way. This way we ensure that students go to school with more motivation, relaxation and connection!
For this reason we offer workshops in which we talk to students about: 
   - Motivation and Goals 
   - Focus 
   - Mindset and Mental Well-being
   - Connection with self and others.

Psychologie in het Onderwijs

Dominique Warmerdam
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