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Czech Republic

Teaching of psychology in Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, teaching psychology in secondary schools is carried out in three main areas:


1.                  separate subject. Separate teaching psychology as a science. 

2.                  civic education. In addition to teaching psychology, there is also teaching of philosophy, economics, ethics and other sciences.

3.                  personality-social development. Psychology is a means of personality-social development. Psychological topics, such as tolerance, values, attitudes, are found in other subjects.

Currently, the official national curriculum document for secondary schools is under revision and the concept of teaching psychology is being discussed.


Why do we teach psychology?

In a research study of teaching psychology in secondary schools in 2018 (teachers n=162, students n=366) the main goal was self-knowledge and the application of psychological knowledge in practice. Interestingly, the least developed goal of teaching psychology was scientific thinking and how scientific psychology differs from pop-psychology and pseudo-psychology. There was also critical thinking involved. Teachers think they develop, but students have a different view (more information in Nohavová, 2018).


What is the attitude to teaching psychology?

Czech teachers and students rank teaching of psychology as their favourite subject, a ‘significant’ subject, but difficult (teachers n=157, students n=375, more information in Nohavová, 2018). Similar results had been found in earlier research into teaching psychology in Europe (Augustin & Williamson, 2012).


What do we need to work on?

-             textbooks and materials for teaching psychology

-             misconceptions and myths in the teaching of psychology

-             functional psychological literacy

Association for Teaching Psychology: Odkaz na Czech-Moravian Psychological Society (CMPS)

Web: https://cmps.ecn.cz/?page=english



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Further literature:

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Alena Nohavová
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