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Teaching of psychology in Denmark

Qualification of teachers in grammar schools:

Minimum requirement of psychology education is a minor subject university degree followed by one year of teacher training. The minor subject must include developmental psychology, cognition, social psychology and personality. taught at grammar

Psychology is taught in upper seconadry schools for students aged 16–20 years. The curriculum for psychology teaching is prescribed by the Ministry for Education.

Psychology is offered on C- and B-levels.

Objectives for students at B-level:

  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of core content and focus of normally functioning individuals
  • Describe and critically evaluate psychological theories + relate to historical and cultural context
  • Apply psychological knowledge to concrete issues
  • Demonstrate knowledge of different perspectives in psychological explanations
  • Demonstrate knowledge of methodologies, ethical issues in research, and how psychological knowledge is generated→design simple field work
  • Evaluate influence of historical and cultural factors on human behaviour
  • Communicate clearly (oral and in writing) on psychological knowledge using appropriate terminology
  • Describe contribution of psychology in human- social- and natural sciences.

Didactic principles:

  • Student participation in deciding contents and teaching methods
  • Thematic approach
  • Consider possibilities for developing independence in students
  • Apply a variety of teaching methods
  • Inclusion of metacognitive aspects
  • Focus on development of study skills and competence
  • Synergetic effect by applying interdisciplinary approach

Interdisciplinary teaching:

Interdisciplinary teaching involves a conscious effort to apply knowledge, principles, and/or values to more than one academic discipline simultaneously. The disciplines can be related through a central theme, issue, problem, process, topic, or experience (Jacobs, 1989).


Association for the Teaching of Psychology, Denmark

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